Welcome to fuuuuu

This website is a playground for my projects and trying out cool stuff.

Chuck Game

Check out the javascript game I am working on in a small team. It is based on Box2d and node.js on server side. chuck.js on Github or visit the Chuck Game Development Blog

If you're generally intested in network physics you might wanna take a look at a simple synchronisation demo I set up with jeena.

Github instant update

fuuuuu.de is kind of my project test-server. I let most of my github repositories out for a run here.
At some point it got on my nerves, that I always had to logon via ssh, go to the repository and run git pull to get the updates from Github. So I scratched my own itch by writing a small HTTP server in python that would update these repositories on the server automatically. I chose python because it comes pre-installed on most linux machines

To try it out, check Github-Auto-Deploy